Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dave Matthews Band - Crash

This song reminds me about my first car in general and many of the bizarre adventures I had with it. It was a metallic red -- almost maroon -- 1981 Honda Accord. Very much like the first one on this page.

Why does this song conjure up memories of a car that's darn near as old as I am? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I both acquired it and abandoned it as the end result of a crash.

It was originally my grandmother's car, and I rode from my childhood home in Columbus, NE to Leawood, KS several times in it when my grandma would come to pick me up for a long weekend in "Kansas" which seemed like forever away. My parents acquired it on Christmas of 1990 when my Grandmother replaced this car with the 1991 Accord that she still drives to this very day.

My dad totalled it, and after having it fixed, passed it on to me when I was 16 in 1995. I kept it until 1998 when -- after being run off the highway by a semi -- I traded it in on my 1995 Escort. For those few years I had it, it was a great car.

I still miss it.

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