Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eiffel 65 - Europop

Sitting in my room (the entire basement of my parents place, basically) building and programming the robot to end all robots (or not) out of Lego Mindstorms and the NQC language.

The end result, some 2 days later would be a tread-propelled device that would erase the program memory and reboot any other Lego Mindstorms RCX via the infrared programming interface. Barring that, it would attempt to forcefully knock over whatever is in its way. It could tell when it ran into something. It would then back up a bit, ram whatever it hit, then back up and turn a random number of degrees then proceed forward. It could not sense the difference between the arena wall or its opponent, but with any luck, it wouldn't need to. I christened it "Dain Bramage" for good reason.

This was being built in response to a friend of mine who wanted to have a "BattleBots" style challenge, where the robots had to operate in an arena made from a cheap kid's wading pool. First robot to get disabled or stuck loses the match. The great thing is there is no outside control. Our robots had to detect and disable the other robot autonomously.

For what it's worth, his robot was built to shuffle about and flip over its opponent. Had it flipped mine over, I would have lost. As it went, his bot lasted less than 30 seconds before it beeped twice and stopped running. Mission accomplished.

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