Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Memories and Random Tunage (Intro)

I love music. I listen to music whenever I can. I hum or sing along. Sometimes, I play along with music on my keyboards or bass guitar. I also try (and usually fail) to create music on occasion.

My mind ties memories to songs, and vice versa. I'll hear a tune and it'll stir up a memory. It's the same memory every time I hear it, too. Sometimes, I'll be thinking about my past, and a memory will get a song stuck in my head.

Sometimes it's because I was listening to a song when something happened, or maybe I was humming the tune to myself. Sometimes, a song will bring back not a specific time in history, but a memory of a time in my life, or a memory of doing something mundane that I've done a hundred times or more.

So, here's the game. Whenever I think of a song/memory combination, I'll post it. Simple as that. Comment on it. Point and laugh. Do whatever.

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