Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hybrid - If I Survive

I'd just packed my proverbial bags at a local information security company, setting foot outside their door for what was sure to be the last time. Sick and tired of their goofy games, their crappy compensation, their politics, and their incessant prying into my personal life, I resigned my position effective immediately. With that, I gathered up the few books and the coffeemaker I kept in my office. I placed my belongings into a printer paper box and stepped out onto the crispy freak snow that was hiding under a thin layer of ice on that cold March evening. One of the many mix CDs I had made was in the CD player of my car. I found this track and blasted it as I drove to my other job... my only job.

To me, this song is one of freedom that transcends hardship and angst.

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N!D said...

This song has been a lullaby for me for so long.
For me the meaning comes from a heart attack at 32....

As for being able to fix and break things, try this quote:-
An expert is someone who has made every possible error in his own field.